All In A Day's Work

So I gathered up some courage to walk over to the dentist for my 1 p.m. appointment (it's only two blocks away) and stupid me had the wrong week! I was relieved to say the least and it gave me time to run over to Super Target to pick up some graham cracker crumbs for the squares that I was planning on making.Mmmmm, delicious and only five ingredients. What's not to like? You can find the recipe here. I use dark chocolate chips and pecans to give a more sophisticated edge.

I finished sewing the buttons on this yesterday. I wanted something that would keep my neck warm yet would allow me to take it on and off without wrapping around my neck so many times. I find that the winding and unwinding of scarves gives me major static hair and can look bulky under a coat. I just knit up a rectangle with four button holes on one end and we have a very simple neck warmer. The yarn is Baby Alpaca that I picked up last summer at Lettuce Knits in Toronto.So now I am just waiting for T to get home and we'll make dinner (hamburgers and sweet potato fries) and maybe watch a movie. I'm beginning to like this whole stay at home thing.


Yes, Katherine, immigrating to the US from Canada is a huge pain. Thanks for your support!