The Best Housewarming Gift Ever

As I have dedicated my holiday giving to handmade items, it has gotten me thinking about all of the handmade and creative gifts I have given in the past.

My friend Colleen reminded me of a housewarming party we both went to in our very early twenties. J and I picked up Colleen and her boyfriend so that we could arrive at the party together. Our mutual friend, Andy, had bought his first house which was a rarity among our student group, and we were ecstatic for Andy even though his very small house literally sat on a very busy main road with no yard to speak of. The house, itself, was in horrible shape and was absolutely bare, but we envied it beyond belief. As I was trying to find a parking space, we drove around the block behind his house, and we spotted a giant sofa on the curb in front of another derelict house. I don’t know exactly who shouted out first that we should take it for Andy, but there was no denying that it was a fantastic idea. So we let the boys out, so that they could drag it around the block to Andy’s while we parked the car. The homeowners ran out and exclaimed that they had an even nicer sofa in their basement for us to take instead. So with that, the boys helped these nice people drag the nicer sofa up the stairs and out of the house and around the block to Andy’s little porch where it has been for ten years now. I don’t know if Andy still sits on it. I would imagine it is super grungy by now, but that night, it was the perfect hangout for us while we drank ourselves silly and laughed at the people just walking by – there was a public telephone right outside his door, and one of us would call from inside the house and watch the walkers jump out of their skin when the phone would ring. This is very funny when you are in your early twenties and drunk out of your mind. I don’t remember much more from that night, and may not have even remembered the whole incident had it not been for Colleen and I reminiscing about our wild and crazy days. But since I’ve recalled it, I have chuckled to myself many times, and it just needed to be shared. Just try to beat that gift – I dare you!