Faux Bois

How does wood keep you warm without burning it? Stick it in the bottom on your door of course!Closer inspection reveals that it's actually a draft stopper made out of wood grained fabric and filled with lentils and scrap fabric. Not only am I being energy efficient by keeping the cold air from coming into the house, I used up old pieces of fabric to fill it with instead of buying fibre fill. I like my branch, however, I still have to make sure that it's pushed up against the door every time it is opened and closed. A small price to pay for keeping in the heat I suppose...and it is COLD today!Note the three types of wood in this picture! Ok, there are really only two types of wood.

What beautiful mermaid paper by the way. What little girl doesn't love pretty mermaids (and unicorns)? You are ingenious. Time to go put dinner on. I am happy to return to eating solids after the weekend's bout with food poisoning. Yuck. On that note....