Finally Some Sewing and Some Felting...and Knitting

Things are starting to happen around here, N. Oh yes, things are happening.

First of all, I'd just like to mention that I woke up at 5:30 this morning to take advantage of some "door crashers". Doors were crashed and I got the 7.5' artificial, pre-lit Dakota pine that I came for. Those crafting ladies were lined up at the door and by the time I parked the car they were letting people in. Good timing on my part.

Anyway, the sewing consists of one pair of pajama bottoms, which I fudged and then fixed but will now have to keep for myself. I'll just consider them the practice pair.Then the felting is the ballet slippers for my sister. The yarn is Cascade 220 and the colour is...shoot, I threw out the band. Let's just say it's fuchsia. Here they are before felting.Here they are after felting.I think they are awfully cute. Cuter than the felted clogs, don't you think?

And then the knitting is the completed pair of Peekaboo mittens. I like these too and am tempted to keep them for myself, but I wont.So, I've been busy but it feels good to get some projects completed. There are lots more to do and I'm sure you have a ton as well. Thanks for the info on the coasters. They would make a marvelous hostess gift. Sending good crafting and St. Jacob's shopping vibes your way.