It's Business Time

It’s Business Time.

Here are the specs for the patchwork coasters:
I used this tutorial for my patchwork roller’coasters’ of love. I made my seams a little too wide, so I added some extra rectangles that I had cut to widen the patchwork to the correct size. Rather than buy expensive cotton batting, I used some yucky coloured felt I had in my stash, and it did the job. It wasn’t too bulky, it was free, and it was available immediately. I really like how they turned out, and for the record, they can’t be considered really complete yet because I still need to hand-sew the little gaps for turning them outside in. What a pain.

Now to choose the lucky recipients. I have a wedding to go to in February, but they would also make excellent hostess gifts for all the holiday parties for which I am sure to be invited!

This weekend coming up, I am heading to St. Jacobs to hang out for the entire day with my friend, Julia. I am so excited because it’s a haven for handmade goodies. I hope to get much of my holiday shopping finished that day. Anyone have any suggestions for shopping? It has been years since I was there last. I am thinking high school, and that was like 13 years ago!! I am sure much has changed.

Tonight I am visiting the Forest City Knitters Group at their monthly meeting. I’ve heard the seating is really comfy and the atmosphere is conducive to knitting. I am pretty stoked. And their minimal annual fee comes with nice little discounts at some regional yarn stores. I’m very interested. I was never one to pass up a bargain.

And speaking of mittens, I am working on my own pair of chocolate brown alpaca wool mittens from my Knitting Pretty book. It’s not actually my copy of Knitting Pretty because I lent that out to a beginner knitter, so I had to borrow from the library. That would be a first for me – borrowing a book I already own. That’s weird.

“Teambuilding Exercise ‘99” I can’t get that mother-flipping song out of my head.



knitty_kat said...

where's the picture woman?! and I'd say felt would probably be more sturdy anyway!!

St.Jacob's - make sure you go into the big building and wander around. You'll find Sylvia (Knitwerx) eventually. Also there is a big warehouse mall to check out too - it's across from the market. Have fun & don't forget yer camera!