I found this ‘wrapping paper’ in a store in St. Thomas that I keep to myself as a secret shopping weapon. My arm would have to be severely twisted in order to give away its tricky location – even my mum has no idea where, and she lives there! Anyway, back to the ‘wrapping paper’. As far as ‘wrapping paper’ goes, this stuff is not cheap, but as a poster for the littlest’s raspberry bedroom, it was a steal! Honestly, the sheet was $4 at the most! So I did what any natural loving mummy does, and I framed it in one of those clear clip frames, and I hung it up in her room. It looks beautiful. For the biggest’s peking blue bedroom, I bought a piece of paper with limey green and yellowy birdies in a pattern. This could be another one of my handmade holiday ideas – I just have to think for whom.