A Million Ancient Bees & A Silly Sleepover

Where do I start?

Well, the Soup & Chili Lunch went fabulously on Friday! We raised $500 for the 2007 United Way Campaign, and even the local TV station crew dropped in to film our crazy load of crockpots! I even managed to lure some municipal, provincial and federal politicians to our little event. How super cool is that?

Friday night, we had the pleasure of watching my sister's three kidlets. The boys were thrilled to each have their own computer on which to play, and Olivy Bean and B made rice krispies, drew tons of O's, shared a bubbly bath, and read stories. El escaped to a friend's house for the night - have I mentioned how smart this kid is? As soon as the boys and I figured out how to turn on the video games, their parents returned. It figures - poor guys!

Saturday, B and I drove to Brantford to visit my cousin Dee-Dee and her three kidlets - Hannah-Banana, Bup Bup, and Chubby Bubby. I was super excited because Dee-Dee is the absolute FUNNIEST and coolest girl in the world. And she is passionate about food, and I like to eat! A match made in heaven. So without waiting for an invite, I packed our pyjamas, Sunday robes, and toothbrushes, and told her we planned to sleep over. Dee-Dee did not disappoint! We put the kids to bed at 9, and we stayed up 'til 2 knitting and laughing and telling preposterous stories! I promised we would leave first thing in the morning.

And then the morning came, and Dee-Dee whipped up some apple p-cakes all around! Oh dear, they were so delicious. And instead of leaving early first thing as promised, we trailed behind them to church. And after church, I couldn't refuse the offer of homemade chicken and rice soup, so we stayed longer. And then, coffee and butter hogs were in order. I finally made my way out the door at 2:30 in the afternoon with a tear-streaked B sobbing in my arms . Only after promises of returning very soon!

B, Bup Bup and Hannah Banana posing for the camera.
A typical walk to church with Dee-Dee.Here's Chubby Bubby wearing a hat I whipped up the night before with a Nubby as per Dee-Dee's request. To my surprise, it fit him perfectly - and shockingly I did not swatch or measure his wee head.

Poor B sobbed all the way home. She didn't want to ever leave. Me too, B. Me too. My favourite part - listening to the same seven songs of which six were Dutch Christmas tunes. Oh, and the China Hole - everyone should have one in their backyard.

"on the radio we heard November Rain, that solo's really long, but it's a pretty song and we listened to it twice 'cause the DJ was asleep . . ."