The Real Housewife of Hennepin County

Dear N,

First of all, congratulations of the completion of your first pair of socks. Please post pictures even though they may still be on your feet after three days. Secondly, the Buttony looks fantastic on you! I love it and if I were El I would keep it and not let my mother take it away. You have been a busy little knitter/baker! Oh, and thirdly, I apologize for being MIA these last few weeks. As you know, I have to stop working for the next three months due to immigration issues and this extended "vacation" began on Friday. My coworkers took me out for happy hour and wished me all the best. They have been so supportive through this whole immigration thing. I'll keep you posted on what happens but for now, I will enjoy the time that I have to rest, clean, craft, and prepare for the holidays.

And speaking of the holidays, I did manage to do some knitting during my sixty hour work weeks to whip up another tiny sweater. This one is for my husband, a true Toronto boy who is very dedicated to the Raptors and the Leafs. He thinks it's cool.Here is a little monkey modeling the sweater. He looks happy in it, don't you think?This is the first tiny sweater that I made that I will give to one of T's parents. It's in the University of Minnesota colours. Go you Gophers!The pattern is from here. They're really fun to knit and a great way to use up your yarn bits. I think they may also fit Barbie but I can't be sure as we have no Barbies in the house.

Hope you had a nice weekend. Enjoy your extra hour! I'll email you during the day like I used to when I was working. I think those emails kept me sane a lot of the time. Bye for now!



Katherine said...

Are you immigrating to the US from Canada? Ugh. I did that and it was not an easy process - I imagine it's even more difficult now. But I love your little sweaters; thanks for pointing out the pattern.