The Stone Roses

Just a few pictures that are inspiring me right now to get my butt moving on my handmade pledge. I can count the hours I have been browsing etsy!

It's been a busy week here in the Forest City. Strategic Planning was a blast from a sidelines perspective - lots of critical issues, solution brainstorming, and political forecasting. Quite glad it's over really. I must have written about 50 pages of notes -now I am dreading putting them into an electronic file. It's always something really.
Last night, I went back in time with a handful of friends. It's funny how some things and some people never change, and on the other hand, how some things and some people are completely different. I'd like to think that I have grown up and changed considerably, but I still LOVE the same songs. I am just glad that I made the decision to stay sober - we didn't need Drunk Nadine hugging and loving everyone and dancing the Elaine dance. I managed to retain my dignity. A vodka jello shooter was forced upon me at some point during the evening, but it didn't impact me at all. Once the girls grow up, I think I will put some much-needed energy into building up my alcohol tolerance so that I can be a serious casual drinker if there is such a thing. I would like to drink, but I become a blubbering idiot, so it's just best to not. Know what I mean? All in all, I had an excellent time. I got out of the house to do something other than knit (my clapotis was in my bag just in case), I got to hang out with some really cool people, I got to listen to some great music, and I think I managed to clear my somewhat geeky reputation. Don't ask me how - I just have a hunch. I wore a cool shirt, okay? And the toucan keds. No, that might have been a wee bit geeky. At least I didn't look like a crackpot Professor Snape - you just had to have been there. :)

I must head back to my weekend's regular programming. Olivy Bean's birthday party is this afternoon, and until then, ma petite famille is lounging around reading and playing and enjoying each other's company. We don't do that often enough. I might even manage to take a few good pictures in the daylight.