The Visit to the Ketchup Lady

Woo-hoo! I'm happy to be back home. A good time was had with Julia - not entirely as planned, but well worth the trip. Baby Nathan is now a walker and still a big sweetie. We only watched one movie - the only one without subtitles. Who were we kidding? We can't knit and read at the same time. And sewing wasn't in the cards - the machine was being a bit of a bugger. We did start some clapotis' however - Julia picked a pretty 'putty'-coloured bamboo yarn, and I had brought my Patons SWS in the Geranium colourway. I have just started dropping stitches, and I immediately regretted not reading the Ravelry notes on other SWS claps! They stick. They stick real bad. This may be a real money-maker for the eldest - she can drop the stitches while watching TV and charge me a bundle, and to be honest, it will be worth every cent.

Julia dragged me to Newmarket's local yarn store Unwind, or maybe I dragged her. Either way, it was absolutely amazing. All of their Handmaiden and Fleece Artist was 25% off, so I picked up a Fleece Artist sock kit and some Handmaiden Mini Maiden. I also bought two skeins of Cascade 220 for 70% off, and three skeins of some Fat Ruth wool from Uruguay for dirt cheap. Never heard of that last one, but it was dirt cheap, and I was game. I swear to Todd, I was on the highest of highs coming out of that store. As Kat would say, "It was purely yarn sex."

We got stuck babysitting her niece and nephew for the day, so what do you think we did? We taught them to knit. Check out this masterpiece! It's a manly boy collar thing. Not bad for an 8-year old (and me). It was totally off the cuff. Get it?

The little girls didn't get the hang of it as well, but they certainly liked playing with the needles.
I did break the camera while away, so photos are courtesy of my partner in crime. And in more recent news, I have a new addiction - I managed to get the first 12 episodes on DVD from the library, and I have 7 more to watch before tomorrow when they are due with no chance of a hold. Arghgh. I need to mention that each episode is an hour long? I need to get going because I have a long night ahead.
PS - A shout out to our friends Rae and Katherine who gave us You Make My Day Awards. I'm blushing so much that my face is on fire. You guys are cool. Ditto that. The random golf shirt and golf balls I won yesterday don't even come close to this highly esteemed honour. T and I will get right on spreading the love as soon as we can agree on just 10. I don't think there's a real rule that it has to be 10, but we'll research that while we're at it. B just told me she's 'meltin' like a popsicle!' - I hope it's not my face. Seriously . . .


Katherine said...

All Handmaiden and Fleece Artist on sale!? That would put me on a high. Yarn sex, indeed.

How sweet that you taught them to knit (and that they were willing to learn)! He did a great job - eight or otherwise.