Wedding Bells Indeed

I wish I had some knitting or crafting to report and I also wish that I had some sort of picture to post. As it goes, I am pooped and Sunday is quickly coming to an end and the list of things to do remains incomplete. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. But we had great weather this weekend, T and I think that we found our wedding reception venue, and I've got an apple crisp cooling on the stove. Could be worse.

We spent Saturday looking at two possible wedding venues. The first one is the Shriner's mansion here in Minneapolis. I thought it was intriguing because it's an old heritage building with a lovely staircase and 1930's architecture. It turned out to be not exactly what we were expecting or wanting. A little on the tired side, the banquet rooms were not even housed in the mansion but in a separate building. I could certainly picture the Shriners members having their bingo night there, let's just say. So as much as we wanted to support a good cause, the mansion just was not what we wanted.

So after a quick brunch at the Egg & I, we headed downtown to the Crowne Plaza. The hotel had three rooms that we could use. One was a nice bar area where guests could get a drink and mingle before dinner. Then the next room is the actual dinner area that was the perfect size for our small wedding. Intimate with nice modern amenities and decor. Then the other room is the fireside lounge where the dancing will be held. Both T and I were quite pleased with what they offered and the staff seemed very cooperative and flexible. I'm very tempted to just go for it since we both like it so much. I think we may look at a few more places but this is definitely a contender.

Then we spent the rest of Saturday looking at cars but I wont go into that right now. We hear from the insurance company tomorrow and I may or may not write a seething post about our insurance company. Cross fingers!

I hope the wedding that you attended was lovely. Let me know if the bride and groom did anything fun that I could copy! Bye for now!



Katherine said...

That's so fun, shopping around for a wedding venue; it was one of my favorite parts. Too bad about the old building - a wedding location should NOT also suggest bingo night.