Another weekend gone, but well spent. We gorged on moussaka and baklava at the Greek Festival. This is the face one makes when one finds out there are no hamburgers or ice cream - except she says 'hangleburgars'.
And knitting was accomplished - this is an early shot of the future February Lady Sweater in Malabrigo. I'm actually at the pits and ready to separate the sleeves on some scrap yarn. When it was time to throw in 41 yarn-overs evenly over one row, I checked in with the FLS KAL group on Ravelry, and I came along this fantastic calculator! It was GOLD!
And because I got tagged by sweet Kata, here is a meme in which the rule is you must answer the questions with only one word.
1. Where is your cell phone? car.
2. Your significant other? bed.
3. Your hair? bun.
4. Your mother? clean.
5. Your father? dancer.
6. Your favourite thing? family.
7. Your dream last night? forget.
8 Your favourite drink? latte.
9. Your dream/goal? cottage.
10. The room you’re in? office.
11. Your hobby? crafts.
12. Your fear? sharks.
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? university.
14. What you’re not? athletic.
15. Muffins? bran.
16. One of your wish list items? vacation.
17. Where you grew up? Woodstock.
18. The last thing you did? sleep.
19. What are you wearing? skirt.
20. Favourite gadget? camera.
21. Your pets? hungry.
22. Your computer? running.
23. Your mood? fresh.
24. Missing someone? Thien.
25. Your car? minty.
26. Something you’re not wearing? cosmetics.
27. Favourite store? goodwill.
28. Like someone? yis.
29. Your favourite color? orange.
30. When is the last time you laughed? 9am.
31. Last time you cried? Shadowlands.
By the words of the red Staples button, "That was easy."

How My Heart Behaves

Welcome back, T! I am pleased about the green card if only it means you can return to southwestern Ontario to see me with the knowledge that you won't get stuck in some mangy motel and your lawyer's number on speed dial when you try to go back over the border. I truly didn't mean to laugh in your ear.

Well, it's official, I am hooked on Feist, and I can’t help but blast My Moon My Man and make jerky dance movements while driving. I blame it on the video.

I’ve got some new –to-me craft books out from the library, and I am itching to make empire-waisted dresses and shirts out of pillowcases for El. I’d make them for myself, but I don’t quite think I could pull it off as well as a pre-teen. And I may have just caught the Tomten bug. It’s probably the dang February Lady Sweater giving me a bad case of Zimmermania, but I’ve been bitten, and the stash is being rooted through to find the perfect wool to knit this bad boy up ASAP. I’ve read the pattern, and it looks simple enough to be right up my alley.

Last night we took the girls to the circus to cross that off our parenting to-do list. Neither J or I were too excited, and to say the oldest was dragged there would be putting it nicely. On the other hand, B was thrilled! Thrilled all the way there, and thrilled during the entire show. At one point in the show, a scantily-clad, somewhat skanky, and very sparkly princess fairy lady led six stunning white horses with little wings attached to their backs into the ring, and they seemed to be gliding and magical all at once. The stadium went silent in awe, and B gasped, “Unicorns!” I looked over at her, and she had went completely still, and her eyes were as big and round as saucers. My heart swelled with love for that little girl. She is so flippin’ cool.

Back with a rant and some knitting

Oh it's good to be back! And look what I have to show for my long absence...

Yes, it's official. I've been approved for a Green Card! The epic beginning in the summer of 2007 has ended and I'm proud to say that I am now a lawful permanent resident of the good 'ol U.S. of A. No longer an Alien, I will have my Green Card in my wallet right next to my much loved Canadian Citizenship Card.

After finally completing this ordeal, T and I have realized that we've learned much along the way. One thing we learned is that the bureaucratic system in this country is in dire need of improvements. For anyone who has ever been in a Social Security office knows what I'm talking about. Another thing we learned is that even as native English speakers with a fairly solid financial background (and by that I mean our ever loving parents!) we faced a lot of challenges. The system is difficult enough to navigate for two college grads from Canada, let alone a family of five seeking asylum from their home country, which they probably didn't want to leave in the first place but had to. I'm just saying that we should not be afraid of a little integration.
With rant completed, I have my Hourglass sweater to show.

It's actually completely finished, but I just want to put it through the dryer to see if I can shrink it a tad before modeling it off to y'all. Right now it's a little roomy but as a sweater to throw on when it gets cool in the evening, it'll do just fine. The evenings are about thirty degrees Celsius though, but I'm not complaining!

The Girl with the Thorn in her Side

I picked up some fresh local strawberries last night, and I immediately washed and hulled them. There was some whipping cream in the fridge begging to be whipped up with a generous dash of sugar and a splash of vanilla. It was the perfect treat to end an evening spent hanging out at the park with lots of little friends for a year-end celebration. It didn’t take much convincing to pile up our plates with little sponge cakes topped with whipped cream and strawberries. I can only hope my little family doesn’t go getting too reliant on my sporadic culinary skills. Poor things –it’s like an eclipse. If you blink, you might just miss it.
I would spend more time in the kitchen, but I have an addiction. It’s called knitting. At least it’s now attacking the UFOs. I doubt anyone even remembers me beginning the presto chango baby sweater, but it’s now only about hour away from completion. This is where my projects are guaranteed to stall – seaming, weaving in ends, sewing on buttons, and all that finishing jazz really scares the bejeezus out of me. It’s my final crack at destroying the item be it a sweater, a sock, a bag, a bowl, a pickle . . . maybe later.

Since I had gone to all the trouble of pulling out my camera last night, I thought I would include a little treasure I found thrifting last weekend. I’m always admiring vintage children’s illustrations on other people’s blogs, and I thought I’d get me some of my own to admire. Rather than go with some over-the-top cuteness, I chose rats. Yes – rats. They’re so skittery and cool. Now I wouldn’t be saying that about a real rat. You could probably find me climbing the wall if I was caught in a room with real rat, but a sketchy fake rat? Well, that‘s just super rad.



Making an Entrance

The front yard is slowly gobbling up the house. J saw this picture, and he thought it looked sort of 'treehouse-ish'. I suppose so. Will it be enough for him to actually take the trimmer to it? We'll see.
But the reason I took the pictures was the new slap of paint on the front door. Doesn't that just scream 'welcome'? I love it. I love it more that J didn't question my choice at all. He just brought home a handful of yellow paint chips and let me peruse them for hours - all the while standing off to the side with absolutely no opinion. Apparently he doesn't think I am too wacky. I mean, is he crazy? 'Cause for a little while there, even I thought I was insane for wanting a bright yellow door! It's spicy curry. I think it's daffodilicious!
Here I am working on my macro shot in the garden. Everyone needs a little super macro once in a while. Wheee-eee-eee!
And just because J doesn't think the house is being gobbled up quickly enough by the flora, he has attached some trellises to the chimney with some vines. I just shake my head. As long as I can still get in my yellow front door, I could care less.


A Day Without Sunshine is Like Night

Introducing the Chickadee Cowl in all of its linen-stitch glory! I used a teensy bit more than one skein of geranium Patons SWS, but one would have been sufficient – I just like to lengthen everything because I have long legs. I know that makes no sense as it is intended strictly for my neck, but I have a complex regarding my long legs, so everything longer in my mind is gravy. Now it makes sense, right?

I really like this cowl. I think my one lonely skein of Noro Silver Thaw might be the perfect yarn for this quick and simple project. I know I proclaimed 2008 the year of the sock, and the year of the frog, but I think the cowl is up there too! That’s not to say that I am throwing scarves to the wind because I am still working madly on my lace ribbon scarf, but cowls will be my go-to for quick, simple gifts this year. Yes, I am already in Christmas mode with my knitting. You have to be – everything takes so darn long to knit! I’m on my game!



I'm a day late posting, but better late than never! It was a gorgeous day to be sitting in the park knitting, and we spent three glorious hours under the shady trees doing what we love the most. We certainly attracted a lot of attention, but we only had two eager takers. I could definitely handle doing this more than once a year. Thank you, Kata, for posting about it a tad more promptly than I was able!


The Graduate

It was a big event with loads of hoopla, and my littlest has only a handful of 'little' school days left. I wouldn't have thought I would get a wee bit teary seeing her up on that stage accepting her 'diploma', but she's growing up! And these little friends that she has carefully cultivated are all off to their own big schools. And I am going to miss those special ladies that have watched over her while I am busy typing minutes and attending silly meetings. They have helped me kiss the boo-boos and wiped dry the little tears and hugged her when she needed it the most. They have also listened to her 'matter 0f fact' stories, laughed at her silly faces, and welcomed her into their rooms as if she was one of their very own children. I am going to have to come up with some flippin' awesome teacher gifts. Oh dear.

My favourite moment though, came on the way back to the car. "Mum, you shoulda known that my teacher said no flip flops on the stage." That would have been handy to know when we were heading out the door. What a noodle!



Great post over the weekend. Very inspiring. You’ve convinced me to knit a lace ribbon scarf too with the sock yarn that I bought for the Woodland but frogged out of frustration. It’s just not a knitting in front of the tv project, and really, that’s the only time I knit. Actually, T and I have been off of the tv lately and it’s been great. It’s nice to just have the quiet or some nice music. Anyhow, your socks look really fantastic. I am so jealous. I am determined to learn how to knit socks. My family members WILL HAVE SOCKS THIS CHRISTMAS!!!

Our annual event is tomorrow, as is our interview with US Immigration. I am nervous about the interview even though we have nothing to hide. The USCIS just has a way of surprising you with things no matter how prepared you think you are. Wish me luck! I may barf at some point tomorrow.

I have completed a sleeve on the Hourglass. It took awhile because I was doing Magic Loop and kept getting those ugly ladders between the joining stitches on the round. I got it figured out and it seems as though this sweater will fit me, which I’m excited about. Bottom up raglan is not my favourite but I’m down with not having to seam anything on this sweater once it’s done except for a few kitchener stitches in the armpit.I was going to model the one sleeve but if you've ever tried to take a picture of your own arm, you know that it's difficult and the picture just ends up looking like a disembodied arm. And that's not cute.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! It's a toe-up sock! That's right. I learned another fancy-pants technique - Judy's magic cast-on. It's brilliant.Starting a new project and learning a new technique was my reward for finishing the Candy Cane/Canada Day plain stripey stockinette socks. I used no pattern - I just used the first one to measure against for the second sock and just made it up as I went. That's the nice thing about socks - once you've made one and throw all caution to the wind, you can do just about anything! Really!

And just to show you that it's not all about the socks here, I am working on my lace ribbon scarf very diligently. I love this scarf. It will be just for me. It is so flippin' soft and drapey and all lovely and most precious.
This is what B was doing this morning while she was eating her cereal. I must point out that we just dropped a LOAD on new windows, and I kind of forgot to warn J that it was nothing to freak about since the markers were special window writers. Of course I was busy chatting away on the phone when I actually heard him stop breathing. Poor guy. Must remember to communicate quicker! I like this little depiction of a princess - see the emerald diamond in her crown. Super cute.

Off to brew some coffee and sit down with my newest sock project - I have to learn how to knit the heel when knitting toe-up! Eek. I've also been knitting to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack - who doesn't love a good dose of The Smiths, Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order and Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark??? I borrowed the movie from the library, and I forced El to watch it this weekend. I'm not sure what my next childrearing move into the teen years might look like - Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, or Weird Science? If J can introduce the kid to Dr. Who and some other really weird sci-fi tv shows, I think I can foist some retro 80's movies on her. I was so in love with James Spader and Anthony Michael Hall and Andrew McCarthy. Oh they were so dreamy then! I could spend all night linking all my favourite flashbacks, but that's seriously enough. Next up: dread Monday.



World Wide Knit In Public Day

I was checking out the World Wide Knitting In Public Day website, and I noticed that the closest event involved over three hours of driving, so I found some knitters interested in gathering here in London on Saturday, June 14. We will be gathering in Victoria Park from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the north end of the park along Central Avenue under the trees. Weather permitting – in that case, bring an umbrella!

So please, please join us, and bring your lawnchairs or blankets for seating, your own drinks and snacks, your camera, and your knitting of course. Slather on your sunscreen! The International Food Festival will be in full swing, so there will be gads of people and a ton of delicious food!

A bunch of us are also bringing with us some scrap yarn and old knitting needles, and a sign will be posted offering to teach anyone who is interested in learning to knit. We will be accepting donations for My Sister’s Place – a transitional support centre for women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. I think we have a lot of scraps, but if anyone has some old needles to donate, by all means, bring them along with you.

I've been busy making knitting needles using this book to bring with me to the park. So far I've made four pairs. They're easy to make, but I am not loving the sanding part. I need to step up production because I've got a little over a week left to go. Wish me luck!


Not for the Faint of Heart

I think this photo is great on so many levels:

:: It's a plate of meat.
:: It's a plate of burger and dogs on my mum's best china.
:: My dad displayed them quite prettily on the plate - it's meat as art!
:: El thought highly enough of it to capture it forever.
:: It makes me want to chuff a little in my mouth.
:: And when I think back to this particular day, I was hankering for a sausage, and I grabbed a weenie instead, and the letdown was huge.
:: What would Martha say?


Achtung Knitters!

I stopped by the public library near the office last week thinking that I would pick up a copy of Scarf Style. Don't you just love the library? It's my favourite public space hands down. Anyway, I also thought I would revisit Last Minute Knitted Gifts so I borrowed that too. When I got home I noticed this note written on the inside cover of the book.
In case you can't read that (it's a little blurry) it says - Please note: Several patterns in this book contain errors. You can find the corrections here: http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/book_corrections Happy knitting!
Tucked inside the book jacket was also a printed copy of the book's errata. It made me smile and think, there was a knitter out there who risked being fined for defacing a library book to ensure that other knitters could be successful at their project. Thanks!
On a whim I chose to start the Hour Glass sweater. There were just so many lovely versions of it on Ravelry that I just had to try one for myself. I'm using Plymouth Yarns Jeannee, which is a lovely cotton blend, perfect for a summer sweater. So far the knitting is going quickly and the yarn is quite nice, not to mention economical. And because of the kind knitter who brought the errors to my attention, I should have this baby done in no time!

A Family Outing

We started off our weekend with some flower shopping - the planters are all topped with potting soil, so we went to a local gardening store, and we went wild.
Everyone pitched in finding just the right flowers.
The girls love yellow, orange and white - and I admit it was coming along quite prettily. We found zinnias, daisies, and marigolds!

As with any usual family outing, things got silly. El with camera + B's need to pose = good times.

Oh, and Friday night, I hitched a ride with the blogless Alana and her mum and her husband, and we drove to New Hamburg to drop in to Shall We Knit for knitting and yarn shopping, and about ten of us sat around a dining room-sized table and sipped tea, ate handfuls of M&Ms, and just chatted with Sally Melville like it was any other ordinary night. I just barely kept my cool. She is super fabulous, tres chic and absolutely sweet in real life. I want to be just like her when I grow up!
How do you top that?
I'm just going to call it a night. Cheers!