Achtung Knitters!

I stopped by the public library near the office last week thinking that I would pick up a copy of Scarf Style. Don't you just love the library? It's my favourite public space hands down. Anyway, I also thought I would revisit Last Minute Knitted Gifts so I borrowed that too. When I got home I noticed this note written on the inside cover of the book.
In case you can't read that (it's a little blurry) it says - Please note: Several patterns in this book contain errors. You can find the corrections here: Happy knitting!
Tucked inside the book jacket was also a printed copy of the book's errata. It made me smile and think, there was a knitter out there who risked being fined for defacing a library book to ensure that other knitters could be successful at their project. Thanks!
On a whim I chose to start the Hour Glass sweater. There were just so many lovely versions of it on Ravelry that I just had to try one for myself. I'm using Plymouth Yarns Jeannee, which is a lovely cotton blend, perfect for a summer sweater. So far the knitting is going quickly and the yarn is quite nice, not to mention economical. And because of the kind knitter who brought the errors to my attention, I should have this baby done in no time!


kataish said...

Thats so awesome of the mystery knitter! purl soho is a wonderful store as well, by the way, haha. Thats where I went in NYC (one of the shops) and bought my Farmhouse Fannie's Fingering Weight yarn.

I'm getting so excited for our Knit in Public plans! It should be so much fun!

heavenlyevil said...

That is really awesome!

What makes you think it wasn't a knitter librarian that put that in there? :p I know that's something I would do.