Back with a rant and some knitting

Oh it's good to be back! And look what I have to show for my long absence...

Yes, it's official. I've been approved for a Green Card! The epic beginning in the summer of 2007 has ended and I'm proud to say that I am now a lawful permanent resident of the good 'ol U.S. of A. No longer an Alien, I will have my Green Card in my wallet right next to my much loved Canadian Citizenship Card.

After finally completing this ordeal, T and I have realized that we've learned much along the way. One thing we learned is that the bureaucratic system in this country is in dire need of improvements. For anyone who has ever been in a Social Security office knows what I'm talking about. Another thing we learned is that even as native English speakers with a fairly solid financial background (and by that I mean our ever loving parents!) we faced a lot of challenges. The system is difficult enough to navigate for two college grads from Canada, let alone a family of five seeking asylum from their home country, which they probably didn't want to leave in the first place but had to. I'm just saying that we should not be afraid of a little integration.
With rant completed, I have my Hourglass sweater to show.

It's actually completely finished, but I just want to put it through the dryer to see if I can shrink it a tad before modeling it off to y'all. Right now it's a little roomy but as a sweater to throw on when it gets cool in the evening, it'll do just fine. The evenings are about thirty degrees Celsius though, but I'm not complaining!