Making an Entrance

The front yard is slowly gobbling up the house. J saw this picture, and he thought it looked sort of 'treehouse-ish'. I suppose so. Will it be enough for him to actually take the trimmer to it? We'll see.
But the reason I took the pictures was the new slap of paint on the front door. Doesn't that just scream 'welcome'? I love it. I love it more that J didn't question my choice at all. He just brought home a handful of yellow paint chips and let me peruse them for hours - all the while standing off to the side with absolutely no opinion. Apparently he doesn't think I am too wacky. I mean, is he crazy? 'Cause for a little while there, even I thought I was insane for wanting a bright yellow door! It's spicy curry. I think it's daffodilicious!
Here I am working on my macro shot in the garden. Everyone needs a little super macro once in a while. Wheee-eee-eee!
And just because J doesn't think the house is being gobbled up quickly enough by the flora, he has attached some trellises to the chimney with some vines. I just shake my head. As long as I can still get in my yellow front door, I could care less.



knitty_kat said...

EXTERIOR paint man! (shakes head). I concede that it is an ok-ish colour. Cuz well, it sort goes with the [wack-jobs] flowers that live be inside.

Montreal Mama said...

Oh, I love the yellow door!

Hall in the Kitchen said...

Love the color!!!
What color was it before?

kataish said...

Hmm. I do like the door! And I LOVE that your house looks tree house-ish. Its very adorable.

OzB said...

Hey N, I think your house almost looks like a castle up high on a mountain LOL. And I actually LOVE the mellow yellow!