The Birth of Ninja Jesus

It doesn’t feel like I am getting a heck of a lot accomplished, but I just looked at my handmade holiday to-do list, and I crossed off a fair amount. Good.

My sewing machine has been giving me hassle, so I have been loathe to get it out. Unfortunately I can not possibly knit everything on my list. I very much hope that my mum can come over and guide me through some jewellery making. I picture very simple drop earrings – maybe a clear oval bead on a pin? Or bright opaque rounded rectangles? We’ll see how that goes.

I had every intention of posting a tutorial on sewing a robe out of a sheet, but I don’t know if it is meant to be. First off, I found an old stained flannel bedsheet that was heading to the trash, and I cut it up like my hippy vintage sewing book said. I made the robe too long, chose not to add a hood, and my sleeves turned out really skinny. Well, the sewing part was easy. Getting a pre-teen to wear it was another story. So I adopted the sad, stained too-long robe, and it’s warm, but it makes me look a little discipley. I had to hold it closed a good deal of the time, so I started using a black knitted belt from a sweater that went missing. And that’s pretty much how I came to be known as Ninja Jesus. The girls think nothing of asking me to bless their bagels before I karate-chop and toast them. Oh yeah, it’s super hilarious. And no, I am not posting any pictures. I can chalk it all off to not paying enough attention to the pattern and choosing a gross bedsheet. Here’s to hoping the next one is nicer.

The concerts, potlucks and traditions are filling up our evenings, and so far, I have managed to keep up with the pace. Last night was B’s first Concert des Fêtes, and she sang beautifully, looked absolutely precious, and enjoyed herself to no end. The little boy she stood beside was in tears because he couldn’t find his parents in the massive crowd. B tried to console him and said, “Don’t cry. I found MY mum and dad.” Her intentions were the best – she saw us and felt good and couldn’t imagine anyone being sad after having the pleasure of seeing us as well. (shrug) I’m just trying to spread cheer one kid at a time.
I mistakenly clicked on this youtube video last night just before I headed to bed. Bad idea. I hope you’re all reading this in the morning, so you have time to shake it off. Or for heaven’s sake, just trust me and skip it entirely. I don’t think I’ll be going to see this movie or borrowing it from the library. Do you think the library would even have it? Eek! I'm scared.

Fifteen days and counting,


Katherine said...

Oh man. I hope I'll shake it off by bedtime. I won't be watching that one, thank you very much.

B looks absolutely adorable. Could her face be any sweeter? And I love her outfit. As for yours, ninja jesus, pleeeeeeeese a picture?

Anonymous said...

Ok, first, you can't tell us all about this crazy robe and then not post pics! That is just sooo unfair!!! Wahhhhh!!

And 2nd..that I don't want to see it, it disgusts me, but woah, i want to see it.

~RaenWa~ said...

Your daughter is so cute

Montreal Mama said...

I don't even think I'll click on that youtube link, seeing as though you can't shake it off and your commenters as like "skip it"...!