Orange & Pink Crush

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
My most favourite Christmas gift were a set of six origami parrot ornaments folded expertly by El. She also lent me her Twilight book, so I can be as cool as the rest of the world. Woo-hoo!
B got this really fabulous jar of pop beads from the in-laws, and she hasn't stopped playing with it since Christmas Eve. When she's not making beautiful bracelets, rings and necklaces, she's been popping together families of colourful snakes. There are babies, mommas, poppas, sistas, and bruthas.

I spent the rest of my Christmas afternoon finishing off this slouchy beret. Easy and pretty.

Erica Bear got this 'new' dress for Christmas, and I think she looks absolutely lovely. I took an old baby skirt and threw on some buttons and ribbons and voila! A dress.

Speaking of loveliness, B was our Christmas princess. The orange snowmaggedon shrug fit her perfectly, and she AGREED to wear it! I was over-the-moon thrilled! In fact I see an orange and pink theme here. Weird how those things happen.

Overall, it was a perfect Christmas. Both girls were happy with their handmade and recycled gifts as were J and I! We spent the day lounging about, and our dinner was simply soup from scratch and a warm cheesy quiche. We actually have the big festivities with family this afternoon. The girls are looking forward to more gifts and playing with their cousins. I'm looking forward to turkey and all the fixin's. MMmmm . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow! What gorgeous stuff you made there!!! I Love love love the dress for Erika!!!
( the top of the dress the pantycover pulled up and recreated? cause that would be genius!!)
And love that shot of your dd in her slouchy beret!! GORGEOUS!!!!
(what is your camera btw??)

Hope that you had a very merry Christmas!!

Unknown said...

Love the shrug, I should do some of those for my three neices. My knit gifts will get given tomorrow.

knitty_kat said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day! Hope the turkey was awesome!

Katherine said...

You are so talented! (As is El.) And B looks fabulous! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. : )

Lupie said...

I found your blog on Ravelry. We both made the Columbia Beret. I start a group on ravelry called the Lesser Known Skeins just for bloggers like you check it out

Montreal Mama said...

Those pop beads look like a lot of fun!

The Slouchy Beret is too cute. I think I need to make one!

The Bear's dress is lovely. You're so talented. And the Snowmaggedon looks adorable on B. Suits her well! Glad it fits her!