Reconstructed Skirt

I have such a hard time throwing anything out. This creates big problems - mainly mountains of crap. My new personal favourite are the clothes that are getting smaller. This knitting gig doesn't do anything for the body. So as I was cleaning out one of the dressers, I found a pair of jeans that I haven't worn since El was a toddler. We're talking ten years. Oh, and they're those horrible high-waisted, billowy hipped, and narrow-ankled black jeans. Ugh. Not flattering for someone whose butt needs no help emphasizing. B noted this morning that the rolls of fat over my pants were a sign of too much food. I rose above her and gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead and shoved her out the door to her grandmother's arms. "She's all yours, today!", I yelled from inside.

Rather than throw those hideous jeans out to the curb, I found this fantastic tutorial to convert the jeans to a skirt, and I went to work on my sewing machine. At first I was making it for El, but she scowled and practically spit on it. I am assuming that means she doesn't want it. Whatevs. So I gave it a whirl, and guess what? Those old high waisted pants suck the entire tummy blubber inside. It looks like I have been doing crunches instead of eating crunches. Don't ask me what that means. I need to go look for more of those butt-ugly pants fast.




OzB said...

Now THAT is way cool N!

What an awesome idea for jeans. I've heard of making bags and shorts, etc., but not skirts. It looks great on you!

Katherine said...

You look fabulous!

I love everything about this post. You totally crack me up. : )

(I totally getcha - I look like I've been eating crunches too.)

Montreal Mama said...

Very cute skirt.

I have an ├╝ber hard time throwing things out too. I always feel like there will be a use for them in some way later on...! Whatever it may be.