Eight Dancing Princesses & A Fairy

She was going for 12, but had only 8 stickers. I am head over heels in love with the princes and the fairy buzzing around up top.

Have you seen this tutorial? It's crazy addictive, and if you are sick of the magazine Christmas trees, try using up your magazines this way. Origami wreaths - perfect for slapping on top of a gift or throwing into a card.

Found my addi turbos (after I dashed out to Michaels for a pair of Susan Bates Velocity circs which are incredibly equal to addis in every way!), and I resumed churning out mittens.

And because I have a 12-year old who whines horribly when I am baking shortbread snowballs, I have probably baked a dozen batches of these so far. They disappear faster than I can make them. I have stocked up on bricks of butter like it's going out of style. This is all T's fault.

Back to the sewing machine. Ugh. I love the finished product when sewing, but I really dislike the whole process. That machine is going back to storage after the holidays. I swear to Todd it's jeering at me from the corner of the dining room.

4 more days to go,



inkberryblue said...

Your daughter's drawings are gorgeous. =]
Merry Christmas!

Katherine said...

I am in love with the little crowns on each dancer's head! Lately we've been putting up drawings all over the house (artfully arranged, I believe) with pushpins. That one would go up for sure.

Hey, the word verification is actually a word this time: squat!

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Ok, funny kinda moment there for a sec....i got to the part where it says "..i swear to Todd!"..and i thought this was your (very hilarious at 8 am and no coffee) way of NOT saying "I swear to god!!!"...I think i'm using that one from now on!!!

(and yes, then i saw you refer to T above...so i'm assuming that Todd is your hubb??)

don't mind me i'll just go hide in a corner now! lol.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! and hello. It's Elizabeth from creative breathing. I just discovered your funny post about your husband and tying up the Christmas tree. How did our father's keep our trees up all those years - a tree stand! So funny! I melted when I saw your daughter's sticker art work. My daughter spent endless hours doing this type of artwork. What a precious keepsake for you. Have to love the snowballs too! I posted mine as well! The best to you this New Year. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Elizabeth

Montreal Mama said...

Love the origami wreath, what a neat idea!

Cute mittens!

I'll have to check out the Susan Bates Velocity. I'm also dying for a trip to Michaels.

I want to lick up those shortbread snowballs. How freakin' hungry are you making me today!