It's Business Time

Somehow my gingerbread men turned into gingerbread-business men. See the too small ties? See the bald heads? See the unhappy frowns? So they're not too festive but they sure are funny. I also made some "normal" ones but every year I throw in some creative gingerbread people, like the rappers that I did one year (sorry, no pictures).

Over the weekend Mr.T and I went downtown to see the Hollidazzle parade. It was as warm as it was going to get in awhile so we bundled up, filled a thermos with hot chocolate (and shhhh, Kalua) and found a spot amongst the throngs on Nicollet Mall. It was, as advertised, dazzling. Our favourite were the humongous Christmas bulbs.
Here comes Santa Clause! The picture is blurry due to my excitement to see the man in red. I've been really good this year!


Katherine said...

LOVE the business cookies! The little bald heads! The bow tie! The panicked silver eyes! Wouldn't those be fantastic to take into work? You are a genius.