A Recap of Sorts

I see lots more prettiness ahead.

I just finished reading Twilight, and El is quite proud of me. I agree with the rest of the world that the book is ridiculously addictive and fast to read and most difficult to put down, but it seriously makes me want to scream and pull my hair out all the same. I guess you just have to read it. I don't know if this review I read AGES ago tainted my opinion of the writing, or whether I would have easily come to that conclusion on my own. I'd like to think that I am that perceptive.

I can't believe another year has gone by. I feel all sappy and cheesy all of a sudden. What am I going to make out of 2009? I have ideas. Dear sewing machine, I promise that I will dust you off and USE you. That reminds me - I must remember to send myself a Christmas card from the photocopier next year and pretend to be shocked and thrilled when I open it in front of everyone. Please don't let me forget. As soon as I publish this post, I am emailing myself at work to add that to my Outlook calendar. Yis. Good plan.

Happy New Year, friends. Eat and be merry. And knit lots. Here's to you!



Katherine said...

I read that same review and it is much of the reason that I've resisted that book, although I'm getting closer to crumbling under the pressure.

So much prettiness - I can't wait to see what you make of 2009! Here's to you too!

Anonymous said...

happy new year! :^)

Montreal Mama said...

What's that yarn in the picture above???!

I'm still undeciding if I want to read Twilight or not. Have you seen the movie?? My sister said she's not into vampires either, but loved the movie and now wants to get the book set.