Marvelous Grasp of the Obvious

Sometimes my eye lids swell up while I sleep, and by the end of the day, my eye lids look normal again.  I use cold cloths to reduce the swelling with some non-drowsy allergy meds.  Very important that the meds are non-drowsy.  I thought I was resistant a couple of times, and well, I'm not.   Today I made it to the doctor.  She said my eye lid is definitely swollen.  I asked why.  She said it could be a number of things, but she'd just be guessing.  And with that she exited the room.  I mumbled my gratitude and let myself out.   I suppose some things are just meant to be.

The Bumblebee would like to show you that her mum has a sleeve in addition to the body.  The second sleeve has been cast on, and is being knit up 'rapidement'.   Nice tat, kid.

Now to figure out the colours for the fair isle yoke.   Of course all of the pencil crayons require a good sharpening . . .



OzB said...

Oh poor you with the swollen eyelids.

I had that two years ago. Terrible swollen eyes and by the end of the day everything was OK.

I thought it was allergies. But NO. It was an overactive thyroid! I didn't have any of the other symptoms. And the swollen eyes is rather rare apparently.

Let's hope your swollen eyes are just from allergies.

Montreal Mama said...

I can't wait to see what you do after those pencils are sharpened!

Jen said...

The orange is beautiful and an excellent choice for a sweater - a sight for sore eyes, I'm sure. Hope you're feeling better soon!

LaurieM said...

I don't like your doctor. She should have given you more information or reassured you if the possible reasons are not harmful.

Boo on her.