A Weekend Spent Outdoors

I'm going to experiment with the x-large picture feature in blogger.  Excuse it if it is too gigantic.  I just want to see how truly big extra large is.

Anyways, the littlest and I have been all over the countryside the past two days. 
  • We've been to the beach and been sunburnt.
  • We've flown a kite all over a close by field, and now we're pros.
  • We've skipped in the driveway, and although it took nearly an hour, she managed to get jump rope four times in a row (I did eleven, but could have easily jumped more had the rope been longer and not had to hunch over while jumping!) 
  • We've been to a garden centre and smelled all the flowers.
  • We've been to the doctor's and got some eye drops.
  • We ate a chocolate bunny for dinner.  Well, not me.  But she did, and I let her 'cause those eye drops really sting, and I still want to be the funnest mum.
  • We drove fast, and we drove slow.  I never did find a happy medium for her.  She's a horrible backseat driver.
  • We completely tired ourselves out, and someone needs a bath!



OrangeHeroMama said...

Wasn't that an AWESOME weekend?! We spent a LOT of time outside too! Apparently we both have pic heavy entries! lol.
Love the beach shot! Is that an ikea sheet or vintage? I LOVE it!

knitty_kat said...

OoOoOoh! Neat lay out!!! Hope the old eye ball is feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

sounds great, I haven't skipped in years

Montreal Mama said...

Great photos! Not too big at all!

What a great way to spend the weekend.

I just got a kite for the boys, need a windier day!

Gigi said...

Lovely weekend! And I love the big pics.