Holiday in the City

We're back from a little trip to the big city.  We learned lots of new things and remembered lots of what we already knew.  For instance, when we chicken out, we chicken out together - we're solidly afraid of heights and speed.   Our dreams of eating at a nice restaurant may never be realized - our attempts are amusing at the very least, and our next visit  promises a free appetizer.  Rather than be wasteful, Mr. J can eat thirty Swedish meatballs.  After a year, I've finally learned to appreciate having two cell phones thus being able to locate where the other half of us are.  We all snore to some degree.  We have the ability to write a Family Guy scene in almost every situation we find ourselves.  The littlest is hooked on all things Katy Perry and can eat some form of french fries for every meal.  Both girls would like to dress as Egyptian queens or Greek goddesses for Halloween next month.  We can't seem to escape raccoons.  I still want a sheepskin, but not in an animal-killing way. 

There was lots of laughter and fun, but I think the four of us agreed that we can now say we've been there, done that.  And man, we were pleased as punch to be back at home and in our own beds. We would make horrible rock stars.



knitty_kat said...

Hey!! I'm glad you guys made it to the ROM. And the cell thing? It works for knitterly things to ya know ;)