Mini Me

It's no secret how much this one and I clash.   Mr. J says it's 'cause we're the same person.  Have you ever tried arguing with yourself?  It's an impossible battle to win.  We're not exactly the same.  I haven't a clue from where she gets this sweet curly hair, and she's crazy pretty.   My mum permed my hair a few times in my youth, and my hair stayed limp and heart-breakingly straight, and I was super nerdy.  It was the giant glasses.  Honest!  Her witty and dry off-hand comments usually floor us.  Do I do that too???   I guess we both get choked up and passionate about silly things.  I once went in to speak to her Principal, and it wasn't long before I was crying, and the lady sighed and noted that sensitivity must be a family trait.  So what!  We're artists!   No sooner did I bring home my new camera, she had my 'old' one in hand snapping a hundred pics a day.  In fact these photos were completely her idea.  The wall was changing colours, and it never occurred to me that it would make a great background.  It's gut-wrenching when the mentee surpasses the mentor.



Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great photos. She's really pretty, I'm sure she takes just after her mom.

OzB said...

read, read, read....uh huh.... read, read, read, YES, read, read, read, nodding, YUP. I'm convinced she's a mini U :-)

knitty_kat said...

I believe that J is telling you that E is yer kid cuz he doesn't want to claim her either. Clearly you are both wrong . . . she gets it from the postman! ;)