Hot mama

I almost wanted to flag this post as containing "adult content".  Have you ever seen so much fondant cleavage?  I may have went a little overboard with this fondant figure's chest area but really, this is what happens when you're eight months pregnant.  I was only being anatomically correct.  This cake was made for a co-worker's shower yesterday.  The colours correspond to the baby's nursery colours.  The mother-to-be was so tickled with the cake that she asked everyone if they would be ok not cutting into the cake so that she could bring it home to show her husband.  Luckily there was a back-up sheet cake that was served so no one minded.  I've never had anyone not want to eat my cake before but I guess it's a compliment!


officeprincess said...

This cake is absolutely amazing!!! WOW!

OzB said...

Totally awesome job with the cake T! I love it!!! And it looks just like the mum-2-B :-)

You are brilliant :-)

Andrea said...

I am 7 months pregnant, and my cleavage totally looks like that!