Promise Kept

The Bumblebee was as sad as she can be (which isn't very sad at all) when her end-of-year school trip was cancelled in June.  I pinky-swore that I would set aside one day this summer to take her myself.   She didn't let me forget for a moment!   So with the summer coming to an end, I took a day off work, and we spent the day at one of her favourite places.  We packed a picnic and her swimming suit, and she ran around excitedly for five hours.  Then we came home and flopped down and rested a bit.  Good times.

I love that she held on to Humpty Dumpty's hand.   It did occur to me while I followed her around and snapped pictures, that this little one is growing quickly, and sooner than I'd like to think about it, it will be me dragging her along rather than her dragging me along on adventures.  Oh dear.  That broke my heart a little.  I'd like her to stay this age forever.  Her birthday is a week away.  Maybe she'll forget.



Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's so sweet she held humpty dumpty's hand. Looks like a neat place! Yeah, kids don't let you forget things. Sean's very good at reminding us stuff... :)

Toni said...

hi nadine!
you won my little pear photo. email me your address and i'll send that out to you! thanks :)

knitty_kat said...

OMG! I've never been there in the summer. In fact I've only been once, at night, in the winter and it whizzed past me as I skated in circles. If I offer to hold your hand will you take me?
(insert big moon eyes of Puss)

Looks like a great day . . . and I'm still jealous!