Getting a grip

I received an email from Amazon this morning advertising Susan Bates Comfort Cushion for Crochet.  Isn't Amazon wonderful?  It magically seems to know what you want/need and delivers deals right into your inbox.  Ok, so maybe Amazon is watching you and tracking your every mouse click but you can get almost anything, from organic vanilla beans to downloadable MP3's.  I realize that our Canadian friends do not have the same products and services from and I am deeply sorry. 

A few weeks ago I complained about my carpal tunnel that is caused by crocheting for long periods of time and lovely Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence blog suggested that I look into crochet tools that could help minimize the pain.  I could have kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner.  So naturally I do an Amazon search and find a few crochet hook grips that looked interesting.  And then, being a crafter and a penny pincher, I decided to search my seemingly infinite closet of craft supplies to see if I could make my own crochet grippy thing.  This is what I came up with.
Craft foam cut to fit the handle of a crochet hook and then rolled around the handle looks and feels very similar to the crochet hook grips that are on the market.  Secure with some tape and viola, a remedy for carpal tunnel for mere pennies.  Plus if you make your own craft foam grip you can make it as thick or as thin as you need by rolling around more foam.    I like to think of it as "custom made".  Sounds so much more posh, don't you think? 


Tara said...

Great idea. I can only crochet for about 45 minutes before my hand begins to hurt. I'm going to give this a try.

denise said...

wow - i have carpal tunnel too, and have a hard time with crochet and knitting, although i love them. i must try that!

Anonymous said...

There are arthritis gloves at hancock fabrics that help with pain while crafting too