Aloe-ha Amigo

Dear T,

It’s high time I cleaned up my desk! I am feeling overwhelmed by the piles of lists and minutes and notes and memos. Could this mess make me feel bloated? It’s kind of possible, isn’t it? I could also do with a hot cup of tea and one of those cranberry scones you linked to in your last post.

My aloe vera plant that I rescued from that nightmarish student slum has taken a turn for the worse. It’s not enough that its bamboo buddy turned black and slimy, but the aloe’s best tentacle was tragically torn off yesterday by my supposed best friend Jane. She insists she was just trying to empathetically respond to the gash on my finger left by the glossy brochure paper I was tri-folding for - of all people - Jane. I practically sawed off a digit!! Mary Ann found the aloe tentacle on the Admin table this morning, and she tried to cheer me up by digging a hole in the dirt with my scissors, and she stuck the tentacle in the hole in the dirt to see if it will root itself and grow again. I really hope she’s right, but common sense tells me it’s a long shot.

This whole ordeal drove me to clean the slimy, black bamboo with a deadly mixture of bleach and boiling water. A gentle rubbing removed the last of the plant snot from the stones. And voila - the rocks, glass vessel and bamboo shoots are now sunning themselves in the staff room on the window ledge.

I’m seriously considering going stateside to get my Ph. D in Botany. The future’s looking up, kiddo!

aka 'Green Thumbs'