Malabrigo Mitten

One lonely Malabrigo mitten patiently awaiting its partner. I did it on dpns! Woo-ee!
Another tote destined for god knows where. How many bags does a girl need? For now it is folded up compactly in my knitting bag. Yesterday, I popped it out to help carry the groceries to the car. Very handy.
The birthday gift for Friday's party. It was more peachy-coloured than this picture. The handles were bright pink nylon, and I added a contrasting boob brooch and threw in the pink swirly scarf for good measure. I was sad to see this funky bag go.

The tuxedo strawberries looked just marvellous. Good for you! You are so imaginative. I am certain that they were the hit of the man shower. I hope you are feeling better.

There were 13 babies in the nursery this morning. Holy crap! Joeli and I were pooped by noon. B and I got home and plopped ourselves down on the sofa until J woke up. But the weather was too nice to sit around all afternoon, so the four of us went on a walk down past the poo factory and soccer fields and through every puddle. What to do now?