Snow Day!

You've got one (two!) precious little one, N. I'm not going to say that I'm not tres jealouse of your lovely family, but I am. You are so blessed.

My love of children and the need to nurture something has definitely rubbed off on T. Right now our family consists of a purple monkey and a pink unicorn. Both stuffed of course. T's mother thinks that we need to get out more, and this is coming from a woman who has pictures of other people's babies plastering her fridge. One day soon....

Today is a snow day and a beautiful snow day it is. Especially when your place of employment closes for the day (long weekend!) and you don't have to clear the driveway. It's turned out to be not such a bad day, weather wise. So pretty looking out my window.

This is looking into my neighbour's backyard from the inside of my shower, believe it or not. Usually we have a curtain covering it (duh).

I've started yet another new project. I can't seem to keep interested too long in any one project right now. This is a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon. It's really easy. This one is done in garter stitch but I think I'll do the next one in stockinette with ribbed edging. I plan on giving this to my boss who has a grandbaby arriving on the same day that my niece/nephew #3 will be arriving. It's done in Bernat Cottontots Wonder Dreams.

You bags look fantastic, N! Looks like you've really gotten to know your sewing machine. I love the fabric of your new knitting bag. Did you use a pattern or did you wing it? I'd like to sew up some little bags like that to put the knitted bunnies in for my nieces.

I am now going to put the laundry in the dryer and get going on my wedding cake. Well, not my wedding cake, but a wedding cake for Nick and Erin's wedding tomorrow. I was so worried about the weather but it looks like it'll be fine and the wedding will go ahead after all.

Hope you have a great weekend!