Culinary Arts


I made the most yummiest omelette last night for dinner. Omelettes are one of those things that I completely overlook. It never occurs to me to make an omelette, not ever. Honestly, I gave myself a pat on the back. That’s how good it was – I painfully contorted my body in order to congratulate ME on being such a fantastic cook. I seeded and diced a tomato, finely cut up some red onion, shredded some mozzarella, sprinkled salt and pepper, randomly sloshed in some milk, and whipped in six large eggs. Then I poured it in my heated buttery frying pan, and I walked away. I purposely avoided poking and prodding it to death and let it cook to its heart’s content. The pay-off was huge! I should have taken pictures. It’s going into my repertoire of deliciously easy dinners. Watch out, little family of mine, mama’s gonna buy more eggs!