Citrus Mountain

You’re right, T! My children are angels.

This weekend was full of knitting. Friday night, my cousin came over, and I re-taught her the basics over tea and rice krispie squares. Saturday, the KNIT Club (only four of us) knit and chatted all afternoon in my living room, and when it started to get dark, we headed over to the Outback for steak. Mmmm. It was fun, but it made me miss you more. These ladies are extremely confident in their knitting skills and whipping up sweaters and pants. Yes, pants. I worked on a scarf and watched them. Plus, I am not sure how comfortable they are with my quirky side. I am keeping quiet so as not to scare them. When they started talking about their weddings, I silently stole out of the room to check on B.

Sunday night, Joeli and I went to a concert at the church. It was beautiful, and my hands hurt from clapping for two hours. We laughed hysterically until our abs were sore – that’s as close as I have come to working out in the last three months. We ate bananas and crackers in the balcony while furiously knitting, peed in the conductor’s bathroom, and screamed in delight that we did NOT win the door prize. It was so nice to let loose for a bit. I have been so tense about so many different things lately. It is occurring to me that a majority of the stress I have been feeling has been from being so fake with everyone – I couldn’t bear to hurt, offend or anger someone for fear that they might hate me, and in turn I get hurt, offended and angered. It makes no sense, but just admitting that to myself has set me free in a silly sort of way.

I didn’t take a picture of the scarf I knit for J this weekend. It turned out nice and manly in a muted variegated wool/nylon yarn. I cast on 21 sts, and alternated between two rows. One solid knitting, and the other k1, p1. I was disappointed by some curling of the edges, but I may try some careful blocking to flatten it a bit.

Hope your weekend was nice and cozy. I was, in fact, very jealous of your snow day. It was crappy in London, but just not crappy enough. Here’s to snow days, the boss on vacation, insanity scare tactics, church windows and stepping on people’s toes!