Note to self: Don't ever bother going upstairs at the market. There are zillions of useless trinkets begging to be bought for preschoolers, and a zillion opportunities to break down into tantrum mode when the answer is 'no'.

Little B can't be all that bad, you say. I agree - both girls are just miniature versions of me.

Those aren't her glasses - she found my old pair while I was trying to bring some sanity to my yarn stash. I bought some storage boxes for under my bed because the piles of wool were getting unwieldy! I had no idea how much I really had until I brought it out into the living room - it was as if sheep were chuffing all over the place! Check out how my good yarn is vibrant and candy to the eye whereas the acrylic 'Michaels' yarn is a bit lacking lustre - and there are more than one ball in each particular yarn - I buy the expensive stuff one skein at a time. I just need enough to pet it and love it.

I was inspired by Soule Mama to sprinkle the house with spring, and the fireplace mantle was a good place to start. The snowy tree pictures in black and white have been removed and replaced with this painting from IKEA, and I tied a ribbon around my vase. It's beginning to feel warmer already!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!