Early Years Last a Lifetime

Good morning, T!

I love the colour of your felted bowl. It’s beautiful! Maybe we need to start a felted bowl knit-a-long. I have a couple in the wings waiting for felting as well. I am starting to fear what it may be doing to my washing machine. I’ve heard horror stories – I vaguely remember a post by the Yarn Harlot and her Washy. I need to find a lingerie bag or something to catch all the fuzzies.

My mum is taking E to a scrapbooking class tonight. I am excited to see what they churn out. The girls and I were rooting through old photographs last night, and I can’t believe how much my little family has aged. And I have realized that it doesn’t matter how short or long E’s hair is, it nearly always looks perfect. Dirty, but perfect.

That was horrible when we thought Tig was gone forever, and add to that my guilt from leaving her out for the entire night which turned into three days. And as much as we joke about Bob the Garbage-Raiding Raccoon, raccoons are vicious!

I received the annual Cut-a-thon flyer two days ago from the Parkinson’s Society, and I made reservations at Chez Cheveux for two haircuts within seconds. It has taken us three years to get in there. Whew! I felt higher than a kite. J thought I was off my rocker. I am fairly certain that Emily was just as thrilled. Of course I am disappointed that you won’t be joining us!