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Dearest T,

I am so lazy tonight or burnt out that I am eating a can of chunk light skipjack tuna in water. It's healthy, and that's all that matters. Plus it hit the spot. The girls and J had eaten before I got home from work, so I missed out on dinner. That doesn't normally happen, and I wasn't even late! But we are busy selling the stupid Focus, and selling cars is crappy! You don't get to eat good dinners or on time. It is doubly hard when you think your car is crap, but we will get through this eventually. That is partially why I have been absent even though I got home two days ago from Newmarket. The other being that I dislike unpacking.

Want to see a picture of a portion of my dishclothes? Keep in mind that I had given about ten away prior to taking them to work with me:

Our new set of wheels:

And the best picture I have of Baby Nathan after three days:

Currently, I am working on another of Kim's Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and this time, I really am adding earflaps. One earflap is already finished. I should have pictures soon. All I can think about is Last Minute Fabric Gifts. I want it so badly! PS: On a side note, this would be where one would typically insert a hyperlink so that you can check it out for yourself, but it is such a pain in the arse!

Back to knitting - I am also nearly finished the second mitt. I am confused as to why I started a hat before I finished the pair of mittens. I just have the thumb to knit up, and that won't take very long at all.

More importantly, I have to finish my book club selection this month. I usually only read before bed, and it makes me tired, so I fall asleep quickly. This is probably why it has been taking me so long to read the darn book because it isn't because I am not enjoying it. I love Barney's Version written by Mordecai Richler [insert another hyperlink, N - you're losing them!]. It's my second time reading it, but the first time was so long ago that I only remembered the ending very hazily. I only have two more nights. Wish me luck. It occurred to me that I am always asking others to wish me luck - a clear identification that I have to expand my vocab. Sryans used 'nuance' twice in a minute this afternoon and completely lost me. What's that even mean? Nuance, nuance, nuance. It looks weird besides being utterly pompous.

Back to my book,