I Love Spring!

Hello, T!

Yesterday in between meetings at work, I picked up B from daycare and hurried to the grocery store in Wortley to pick up a few things for the next two meetings. I read my shopping list to B, and she proceeded to be very helpful. I decided to buy some chicken strips for the kids' dinner, but I remembered that we were plum out of plum sauce! So B and I searched up and down practically every aisle, and we couldn't, for the life of us, find it. She began jabbering to herself, and I gently asked her to whom she was talking. She replied very clearly (good to see the speech therapy working) and matter-of-fact that she was speaking to Jesus. I could see all the ears prick up of all the old ladies in that particular aisle, but I was much too curious, and I decided to just go for it. "And what would Jesus be saying to you?"

"He says I am driving him up the wall."

The old ladies lost it and began to giggle like a gaggle of school girls. Nice! That's what I get for missing church this week.

Sorry, no pictures today. I tried to take pictures of my princess drawings, but it's quite difficult to photograph images behind glass. I knew that, but it was such a great amount of work to get the dang drawings lined up under the mats that I gave up.

I am reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant for Book Club this month. I am flying through it! It's wonderful reading. I was quite excited that Em picked this - I know it the group last year was reluctant to read it, but to heck with them, I say! The story takes place in biblical times, and normally I detest reading historical novels because I can't imagine relating to a main character that is not familiar with a refrigerator, but this one exceeds my expectations. I should really wait until I finish reading it before I go ahead and recommend this one, but I have a feeling.