N's Birthday Weekend

Happy birthday N! Hope that your birthday weekend is going great. Enjoy getting your hair done at the cutathon and hope that you got lots of delicious yarn at yesterday's Knitter's Frolic in Toronto. Can't wait to see your loot! If anyone deserves a fun time sans children, it would be you. Happy, happy birthday to my loyal blog buddy!
Wish you were here to have some cake!


Anonymous said...

Best birthday wishes to you!!

that's a great cake!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I expect that you will courier that across the border first think tomorrow morning!!!

My day was SO MUCH fun! I will catch you up tomorrow. I must have downloaded over 100 pictures onto the 'puter today!


~RaenWa~ said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday that is a beautiful cake

Katherine said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! I hope it was wonderful and chock full of knitting loot. And I'm hoping for a picture of your hair. ; )