3 Ramblings In Place of Sleeping

#1 - This was a picture from one of mine and B's walks before March Break. I really liked the clouds above the trees. It was one of those days where B and I could have walked for hours and taken in all the sights with no notice of anyone else around us. She told me the funniest stories about her friends at school, may have quoted some inappropriate Family Guy scenes, and skipped with a smile. I could lose myself in her little world and be quite content. She's just the right amount of silly and sweet.

#2 - After much searching and keeping my eyes open for just the right table for my craft space, I found an old IKEA tabletop with sawhorse legs on kijiji for a mere $15. It will be perfect for cutting fabric and pinning and all sorts of other stuff sewing entails, and when not in use, it can collapse and be stored behind my big cupboard. Coolio. My patience was rewarded. May that be a lesson to all those that can't possibly wait (said sternly with a wagging finger).

#3 - I now present to you my splurge! An Amish laundry basket handmade with a wood base and leather handles from Ohio. I may have squealed from the back of the car that I loved it more than anyone present, and while the other passengers laughed and thought I was joking, I admit there was some truth to it. I truly LOVE this basket. Look at it! It's absolutely splendid! Really.
Enough of that. Time for bed.


c.Rachel said...

That basket could possibly make laundry a joy to do. =) Lovely splurge indeed!

Megan said...

That laundry basket is awesome, I've never seen anything like it!

OrangeHeroMama said...

WOW! Love both the table and that laundry basket! :)

~RaenWa~ said...

I love the laundry basket looks like it would make a nice basket for holding yarn too you made some great finds

knitty_kat said...

I bow to you kijiji skillz. I needs to do some diggin' myself - my problem is that I don't do it consistently enough to s-c-o-r-e!

Nice basket! Has Tigtig sat in it yet??