Whenever someone asks me where I'm from, I usually say Canada first and then specifically, Vancouver, if they ask. Vancouver was the last place where I lived for a longer period of time, ten years as matter of fact and it's a great city. I miss the mountains, the temperate winters, the amazing food scene, and of course, my family. Vancouver has it all. However, the majority of my childhood was spent in small town New Brunswick, and I'll always be an East Coast girl. My husband accuses me of still having a Maritimer twang after all of these years.

Now, growing up my mother would bake pretty much everything for us kids. She loved to do it and was great at it. One of my favorite items that she made were little chocolate cake sandwiches with a creamy vanilla filling. They were perfect little treats that were half cake, half cookie but were called Whoopie pies. I thought every kid grew up eating these but over the weekend, as I went to whip up my first batch of pies, I learned a sad but true fact, not every kid grows up eating these. Kids like my husband, and according to my internet research, kids in areas outside of the eastern part of the country.

So, for all of you non-East coasters, Whoopie pies are similar to those packaged chocolate snack cakes that you find at the convenience store in boxes adorned with a little girl on them. Similar, except if you make them yourself, they're a million times tastier. I used this recipe for the cake part and if you go into the reviews for the recipe, there is a recipe for a cooked butter cream that in my opinion, made for the perfect, traditional east coast Whoopie pie.


Anonymous said...

Looks so soft and squishy. I've never had them before but dang, they look delicious! It's lovely that you had such fond memories of your mum's cooking and now you're creating similar memories with your own family. :) salihan@gmail.com

c.Rachel said...

T, those look very yummy. I'm one of the unfortunate ones that did not have these growing up.
Have one for me!

Lupie said...

Thanks for the recipe!
Can't wait to make them.

Montreal Mama said...

Those look sooo yummy! I wish I had some here now!

I once wished I could have lived and experienced life in BC. So jealous!