An Affair to Remember

This week started out much better than last week. That's B up there all feverish with Tigtig keeping her warm and smushed up against all the pillows. But that was last week. This week's theme has been muffins. Three nights in a row, I have baked muffins while simultaneously cooking dinner. That practically deserves a standing ovation in these parts. In case you're curious, I use the same basic 'Anything Goes' muffin recipe, and then I throw in whatever I have on hand. Sunday, it was bananas and chocolate chips. Monday, I used up the remaining frozen raspberries, and tonight I diced up apples. I'm stumped on tomorrow's flavour, but I roll by the seat of my pants, and I doubt I'll have any problems coming up with something new to mix it up.

I knit a pair of my go-to mittens on Sunday while watching The United States of Tara back-to-back for too many hours than I care to admit. I am SO ridiculously hooked on this show. I also spilled cappucino all over the white sofa and my knitting, and the white sofa cover got its first big wash. It was nothing a little OxiClean couldn't get out. I'm afraid to know what's in that shizzle - it's a flippin' miracle worker, but at what cost? As I was saying though, the white sofa has never looked whiter. I noticed as I was taking a picture of the mittens, there was a giant yellow spot against the heathered pink merino wool. You can't see it 'cause I flipped the mittens over. That must have happened when I let the wool dry, and then I continued to knit with it even though it was all sticky and stiff. Yeah, gross. I'll soak them in some wool wash eventually.
My only issue with my go-to mitten pattern is that I always have a good chunk of a skein left over; however, not enough to knit a second pair of mittens. But today while surfing, I found a quick and easy coffee cup sleeve to reduce my cardboard coffee cup sleeve obsession. I wonder how many I can knit using the leftovers as I still have lots left. This thing knit up in half an hour, and it was brainless enough to also help B with some addition equations at the same time.

That's all I have for now. If there's a lesson in here, it's never, ever, not ever, pet a porcupine. Well, and it's impossible to enjoy your fancy hot coffee beverage if it's soaking into your couch and your crafts. Just saying . Happy Tuesday, friends.


kataish said...

Aww both Will and I looked at it and went "aww poor Beah"... I want to scoop her up and hug her.

Great mittens!

c.Rachel said...

I bookmarked that recipe. =) Will have to try it when I feel very "martha" and tired of using the boxed variety.

Glad that B is better!

"Yay!" for white sofas and "hmmmm?" for OxiClean ingredients.

knitty_kat said...

Tigtig, a butt warmer? Who knew!

Hearing about the sacrifice of coffee nearly made me woozy . . got to love washable Ikea sofas! I certainly miss mine!

Lupie said...

The mittens are beautiful and that is a great idea for left over yarn.

Montreal Mama said...

Love those pink mittens. They look comfy and they are a great color!

Those muffins look delicious as well. I haven't made any in a while.