Souvenir Shopping

I couldn't be in the vicinity of so many wonderful yarn shops and not pop in to a single one.  My three family members understood this and sat at a nearby coffee shop to sip on hot chocolate and scarf down a mountain of cookies while I browsed the Mother Ship.  After all the neon florescent knitting I've been working on lately, I chose a few skeins of muted pastels which were much easier on my eyes.  The two skeins at the top are Romni Angora Silk in a pretty pale pink - just enough for a small shawlette, and the bottom two skeins are Fleece Artist Big Merino for a couple cowls or hats - whatever floats my boat I guess. :)

I think I was quite restrained especially after missing the biggest knitting fair of the year last weekend in favour of attending Photocamp.   This decision was to save me from spending lots of money as the conference was free, and I would probably have dropped a load on wool plus meals and transportation expenses.  As it turns out, I am now dreaming of spending hundreds of dollars on lenses.  I can't seem to win.

Speaking of free events, Doors Open London is on this weekend.  I'm itching to check out the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  research centre.  I'll take my camera and report back!

Happy Saturday.


knitty_kat said...

That's it . . . you should be cut off from the Mothership. You keep buying that silk stuff . . . LOL. Not that I blame you. I wish I'd had more myself

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Nice stash enhancement. You're not the only one missing a huge festival this year, I had to sell my hotel room for Rhinebeck :( I'm so sad I have to miss it this year.

OzB said...

Oh nice bit of stash enhancement there!

I'll be visiting the mother ship in about a month! Whoot!