Someone to Watch Over Me

Dear N,

T goes away for two weeks in May and I'm already dreading it. My goal is to make a few friends before then so I will have someone to keep me company. The more I think about it though, the more I think it will be good for both of us. We are awfully selfish of each other. I figure it may help if I plan my weeks and fill them up with stuff to do. Here are some activities that I have planned:

- Go to the Aveda Institute and have my hair cut and coloured (includes a head massage) for $30 by one of their students.
- Check out Minnesota's Swedish heritage at the American Swedish Institute. I'm kind of choked that I missed out on the felt exhibit but I will definitely make it out to the minatures exhibit in May.
- Try out new recipes from Smitten Kitchen. I have my eye on this salad, this soup (because T hates mushrooms) and these for breakfast (yum!)
- Shop for fresh produce and gorge myself on Mexican pastries and sandwiches at the Midtown Global Market
- Make myself a bunch of summer skirts to wear. I love all of these from Anthropologie.

I'm thinking that should keep me busy, for a few days anyway, until I call you up and beg you to miss a couple of car payments so you can fly down here! Joking, I'd never ask you to do that (right now).

Congratulations on knitting mittens with dpns! I am so proud of you! And the colour of that Malabrigo---splendid! Maybe I should add "get over fear of dpns" on my list of things to do while T is away.