Note to self:

Seriously, what are the pros to working full time and raising a family? I needed to ask myself this question today to fully appreciate what my job means to me. I envy stay-at-home mums to infinity and beyond! Could I be a Soule Mama, and still remain sane? So I made a list of all the positives because sometimes I forget.

· I worry a lot about money. The paycheques allow me to sleep most nights.
· I like to compete. The girl in my position before me lasted ten months. In fact, no one has been able to stand it for more than a year. In September, I will have been there four years! That’s right. Suck it up! Some might say those ladies before my time may have actually won, and I am the one losing. But I guess it’s all perspective.
· I like the people with whom I work. I’ve made a gazillion friends who I would not have met otherwise. They think I am great, and that helps me be surer of myself.
· Working Monday to Friday makes me appreciate my time off. I would like to think I spend my free time wisely – doing nothing most times just because it feels so good.
· My storytelling depends on the daily drama. I couldn’t make up half the stuff that happens around here every day!
· I am setting a good example for my daughters. Working hard, constantly learning new things, demonstrating responsibility and integrity, and topping it all off with an inane amount of efficiency and organization might actually rub off on them some day.

May this list remind me on the dreariest of days why I do what I do.