Some Knitting!

Happy weekend N! T went over to Best Buy and got a card reader for the camera so I am finally able to post some pictures of knitting that I've done, pre lost camera cable.

So I've been busy whipping up apple cozies. Why, you ask? They're fast and fun to knit, especially now that I've mastered Magic Loop. You gotta try it. Here is my first apple cozy, from this pattern.I just sewed on a button since I couldn't find a bobble pattern that I could understand. It has since been given to my boss to encourage her to eat healthier and stop having candy and nachos for lunch.
This is the back view of a little quick-to-knit shrug from the pattern that I mentioned to you about a month ago.I have orders from two friends in Vancouver and have one in tan on the needles. I was knitting this as I waited for T to complete his road test (which he passed!) and just happened to be in the same waiting room as the woman who co-owns the Yarn Garage. I'm just sorry that I didn't ask her name.

Glad to hear the you're enjoying the Marquez book. I should look for it at the library. I have requested this book though and I am one of fifteen holds so in the meantime I am reading this book from T's library of food related fiction.

I'm going to read over the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern that I bought today at the LYS...yes I bought it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. G'night N.