Low Tide

Dear T,

My cousin's wedding is Saturday, and slowly, bit by bit, I have been preparing for her big day. Eyebrows have been waxed, the grey has been coloured a chocolate truffley brown, my nails buffed and polished, my outfit dry cleaned, and all that is left is an early hair cut and style appointment with my favourite hairdresser early Saturday morning. Oh how I adore Rudy. Rudy and his wife are expecting their first child in the fall, and I am so thrilled for him. He is going to be the coolest dad EVER! Mini-Rudy is the perfect recipient for the baby einstein sweater and matching receiving blanket (the matching thing was a total fluke).

He doesn't get to keep Naked Baby. I wonder where Naked Baby's clothes went to. The batteries in Naked Baby are dead, and Naked Baby can no longer open her eyes. Poor Naked Baby or rather lucky Naked Baby. A perpetual nap would seem like a gift some days.

I have discovered that KNIT club knitting must be kept simple and mindless, so I propose another wrap. This time, rather than buying another kit, I have rummaged through my under-the-bed stash for navys and oranges. In my small pile, I have some cashmerino aran, fancy ribbon, and chunky alpaca. I heart chunky alpaca! I can feel it just thinking about it. The only yarn missing is some mohair, or maybe another colour is needed. A gold perhaps? I have another week to solve this, so feel free to share any suggestions.

Can you believe that I made another batch of church windows? Beah wanted a couple of fruity marshmallows, so I figured while I had the bag opened, I might as well whip up some squares. And yet I feel lazy.

And look what I got from the Board of Directors - a pot of lavender mums! A thank you for my pleasantness and efficiency. It was completely unexpected, and as I blushed furiously, I blurted out, "I enjoy working here!" to some friendly chuckles. I am so awk-mo that I shouldn't be allowed out in public. One of my highschool friends and I coined the word to describe all the awkward gestures, gaffes and motions only teenagers are capable of. Put that in the urban dictionary!