Past Posting

Dear N,

The craft room of your dreams sounds like the garage behind where you work. Where will the students assemble Newborn Literacy Kits?

Anyway, I was poking around in my pictures files and found some pics of Vancouver that I hadn't posted. I don't think we'll be coming back to Canada anytime soon, what with the upcoming civil ceremony in July and then my immigration process will begin. That means that I can't leave the country. Well, I could but they wouldn't let me back in. So I am missing Canada and poutine and real news on the TV. I am so sick of Fox and CNN. We have long resorted to streaming the CBC on the web or watching international news from France. Anyway, I digress. Here is T in the big hollow tree in Stanley Park.Here is the devastation from last winter's wind storm that took down hundreds of trees. My heart broke as we drove through the park. You could literally see through the forest where 300 year old trees used to be. So sad.
My favorite cupcake shop in all of the world on Denman Street just off of English Bay. So yummy and such a cute place.Check out the pink table and chairs!

Don't get me wrong, the Forest City is pretty hype too. It is home of the Labbatt's brewery, the Knights and the only place you can get bear claw ice cream!