The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Oh, T, the Gathering on the Green was ripe for the picking. I bought plants, paintings, and hot dogs. Although I am not a fan of hot dogs, I did it in support of the Old South Community. It was unbearably hot, and we sought shade for relief. I dragged my mum along with my girls and one of E's friends, and we met up with Em, her mum, Sophie and her almost sister-in-law. We were a gaggle of girls as we browsed the booths of crafts and horticulture. It was lots of fun.

I have something to show you. I am finished the wrap in all of its glory. That's my backyard garden in the background. Isn't is lush?? I can't take any credit - nature does it all by itself.

And a growing collection of ball-band dishclothes.

It's fair to say that I am addicted! What colour should I do next? I have orange, yellow and indigo cotton in the stash.