Never Gonna Give You Up


I looked at our monthly posting stats, and we are slowly slacking off. That being said, I don’t think that we should just write crap in order to fill the blog quota. Do we need a quota? I do know that we badly need a banner. Which one of us is going to figure that baby out? Maybe we can ask another blogger. It must be fairly simple. Bloggers are doing it all the time. And lord knows I will have some time on my hands this summer with practically no meetings. Do you think T would have an idea? I can ask J, but I doubt he knows. E could probably help since she thinks she knows everything. She is pretty computer literate. She kicks butt honestly. I just want to put the banner out there as it needs addressing. Our blog appears bland, and that will not do.

Am I going to have to buy you your first skein of Manos? If you were here, I would slap you silly. It’s worth more than what you have to pay for it. I would not lie.

It’s raining birthdays and celebrations this month. I dread June on my bank account, especially with a new roof on order right in the middle of it. Grandpa Astley and his wife have birthdays in June. She is turning 70 which means a big birthday open house for everyone and their mother. And J’s grandpa called really late last night and scared the crap out of me to invite us to J’s grandma’s 75th birthday party on the same weekend. Then J’s birthday is on the 19th which follows Father’s Day, so that’s another ten gifts! Do you have craft ideas for middle-aged men? Sophie turns 5 at the end of June, but I have already bought her gift and wrapped it – I am on the ball in some respect. I picked up a little raccoon finger puppet for J, and Wilson suggested that I clean out a soup can for the garbage can for finger Bob’s home. She is such a creative genius! I also have to figure out what I plan to wear at my cousin’s wedding on the 23rd as well – I am fairly certain that it calls for something new!

I think today is the day the air conditioning at home will be turned on. Oh A/C, how I love you too. It's June!

How do you like all the links? I had some time on my hands this afternoon. Thank goodness it's Friday!