The Clouds are Lined with Silver

Oh, T! You are frightening me. Stay away from the organic stalker store! That didn’t sound good at all.

J has been badgering me about when I am visiting ‘what’s her name’ in the States. I think he is upset that he didn’t get fruity lip gloss in the birthday package. Why does he want me to leave so badly? Maybe he has Debbie Travis on hold for one of those surprise renovations. I came home yesterday from the dentist’s – again! – and there was a huge set of NEW patio furniture on the back deck. And here’s where it gets weird. Brace yourself! It was the set that I pointed out to him the week before. He even kept the picture that I set aside from the flyer, and he took it to the store and handed it to the nearest shelf boy. And it was on sale! That was a bonus. I love my new patio furniture. I will take a picture once he hangs the screen door that he is in the process of painting. Am I dreaming all of this?

So . . . yesterday I survived the restoration of my first quadrant of teeth, and I go back to the dentist’s next week to restore yet another quadrant. There was time available today, and I weakly asked for a week’s reprieve, and my request was granted with a laugh. I didn’t think it was as funny. But I must report that I have had little discomfort. I am actually comforted when people use the word discomfort when referring to pain. Isn’t that what they really mean when they tell you to lift your hand if you feel any ‘discomfort’? I can handle ‘discomfort. I can not handle ‘pain’. No freaking way.

The next time you see me, I will look like a model with a cosmetic smile! You may be walking and gawking at shirtless joggers, but I am stepping on my stepper in front of the tube late at night. I chase the stepper with about twenty stomache crunches. The whole routine takes me about 20 measly minutes, but every night has got to count for something!

And the linen is here! I love it beyond words. I am a very lucky, lucky girl. I have all I really need in the world. Including a blog with you - it is a million times better than no T at all. You didn’t tell me what colour of Manos you bought. Don’t you love the feel of it? Mittens are a great way to use up that yarn and to feel it on your hands forever! It’s magical to knit with. Enjoy!

Cheers to a glass half-full,